Vetri Survey App Review - My Experience After 3 Months

Vetri Survey App Review - My Experience After 3 Months

What is Vetri and My Experience

I got the app on February 13th, 2021, after a subscriber told me to check it out. After reviewing Vetri's site, I was very interested. They claimed to be a non-profit foundation, and because they are a non-profit, they can pay up to 300% more than other survey apps.

They were also publishing monthly blog updates on their website, which was an excellent sign of transparency and a sign that they were really putting work into their app.

I Had High Hopes

A month ago, on May 3rd, I published my Vetri Review on YouTube. I was still more optimistic about Vetri; however, I did see negative signs, like when they missed posting the last two monthly blog updates. Since I had already created the video and did not want my effort to go to waste, I published the video and introduced everyone to Vetri.

Three days after posting my video, Vetri pulled their referral program. This put a sour taste in my mouth, considering that they heavily advertised their referral program, and I received a few referrals after posting my video. This was their explanation.

(We) removed referral program as it was abused by some users to gain more tokens. We might bring it back in the future.

I am optimistic and believe them as I have seen an app like UBDI get destroyed by survey exploitations like this. However, this doesn't make me any less disappointed.

After all of this, I also tried to contact Vetri about my issue and give them my recommendations. But, nobody responded. Not cool.


  • I do think that they pay more than other survey aggregators*, maybe even the best. For example, Swagbucks. *(survey sites where they get surveys from 3rd party survey vendors)
  • It still does have potential if they follow through with their plan.
  • First, two profile surveys give you a $5 starting bonus.


  • Minimum withdrawal is too high at $12.50
  • Monthly progress updates on their blog stopped in February
  • Removed referral program
  • No support communication

My Conclusion - What I Expect

I think Vetri is still a fine option if all you care is using the best paying survey aggreator.

On their website they say they are trying to expand beyond surveys and into data monetization for the user. There are a few apps in the market for this right now such as, Killi and ATM.

What Survey Sites Should You Use?

If you are determined to make money online with surveys, I highly recommend my Free Survey Video Course. It's a YouTube playlist with two videos that will tell you everything you need to know about paid online surveys. Check it out here.

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