The Ultimate Swagbucks Resource

The Ultimate Swagbucks Resource

The most efficient way to earn on Swagbucks. Everything in one spot. Find the best discover offers list with helpful links, highest paying video links, the efficient to-do list, and important announcements.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a ‘Get Paid To Site’. This means there are many ways to earn real money with simple tasks, discover offers, cashback, and much more. At first the site may seem complicated so you can watch my Swagbucks video to learn more.

Sign Up Bonuses!

1. Get a 300 SB Bonus ($3) when you earn 300 SB within your first 30 days when joining using the link below.

2. $10 Sign Up Bonus, when you spend at least $25 at a store featured in (ex. Amazon Cashback)

Sign up below with my referral link ↓

Sign up for free and claim your $10 bonus from thepatrickzzz
thepatrickzzz has received $6,752 in cash and gift cards from Join thepatrickzzz on Swagbucks, the most popular online rewards program for cash back and free gift cards.

Best Discover Offers List

Here I put a collection of links to different types of discover offers to help you earn more. These offers range from quiz answers, money makers, instant credit, game guides, and other easy offers.

All of these links lead to the wonderful Swagbucks Reddit community where people share these good offers.

TIP: To easily find these offers on Swagbucks you first click ‘Discover’, then go to ‘All Offers’ and sort by ‘SB Min-Max‘ then scroll to your desired SB range. Starting at minimum SB you can find lots of easy to complete offers. These can be helpful when you are trying to complete your Daily Goal.

It’s no secret that most watch offers are not the best way to earn Swagbucks. However, I have compiled a list of unique links that pay well and are worth your time!

  1. 10x1sb Watch Social Promo
  2. 5x1sb Watch Promo Email
  3. 5x1sb nCrave Email
  4. 4x1sb Watch To-Do List
  5. 1x1sb Swago!
  6. 1x1sb(2) Swago!
  7. 1x5sb Promo Banner (Multiple Videos)
  8. 1x3sb SBX Sports (Multiple Videos)
  9. 8x1sb Jun Group: Content Disovery
  10. 3x1sb Watch To-Do List

Guaranteed Search Win

Get your first search win, once a day, in 5 steps.

  1. Search 1

  2. Search 2

  3. Search 3

  4. Search 4

  5. Search 5

Start with the first link and wait 15 seconds between each link you press. The 5th link will give you a guaranteed search win. This is especially useful during Collector Bill events.

I have reduced the number of clicks needed to get stuff done and put it all on a to-do list. These are some of the easiest offers you should be doing when you use Swagbucks.

*If these links are taking you to the Swagbucks homepage, you can right-click with your mouse > then select "open link in new tab".

  1. Coupon Offer (Up to 50SB/Day)
  2. Daily Poll (1SB/Day)
  3. Use Your Members Recognition Program Bonuses
  4. Answers To Swagbucks Live Trivia Invite link to the official Swagbucks Discord Group
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