Here's Why $1 Per Hour Surveys Are Awesome!

Here's Why $1 Per Hour Surveys Are Awesome!

I get so disappointed when I see people in comments saying, "Hey, this survey site is so good! I was able to withdraw a $10 amazon card." Yeah, well, you're only getting paid $1 or $2 per hour. That's on a good day if you don't get disqualified from surveys.

Just because joining a survey site is easy does not mean you have to be paid a slave wage.

Instead, use the best survey site and get paid $10/hour. Find a survey panel that will earn you another $20/hour. If you want to take it more seriously, find an online focus group either directly or through a panel and get paid $30+/hour.

If you like what you heard above and want to take advantage of the best opportunities survey sites have to offer, you should try out my free video course on surveys. With only 2 videos, in less than 15 minutes, you will know everything you need to know about taking paid surveys online.

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