My, name is Patrick and I run this site.

Here is me displaying my photoshoping skills for a future YouTube thumbnail.

As you can see in the photo, I'm the boss with this expensive suit and HUGE wad of cash in my hand, a genuine multi-millionaire. Just look at my beautiful nails, lol.

Thanks for visiting my site! I've got a YouTube channel, Patrick Limitless, with 5k subscribers. I have a lot of experience with the many different ways to make money online.

My mission is to create the best and most honest content for you. I hope to make it entertaining and only as long as necessary because I understand your time is valuable.

I started my YouTube channel in December 2019 and kept integrity as the critical value for all the content I created.

Back then, I saw many different YouTube channels in the "Make Money Online" niche that were dishonest and successful. It made me mad! So instead of bitching about it, I decided to be the change I wanted in the community.

I like to write about the many exciting methods to make money online that are not very common. I will write on some more common topics: surveys, content creation, site creation, and monthly income reports.

Again, thank you for stopping by, and welcome to the Money Decent Club!